Not an illusion. #latergram

Crater Lake is a caldera that was created when volcanic Mount Mazama collapsed about 7700 years ago. It’s about 2100 feet (655 meters) deep with clear blue water. No water runs in or out of the lake - it only evaporates and gets filled with rain or run-off.
If you go, do it in the summer - it’s 7000 feet up and gets over 40 feet of snow a year, closing most roads and facilities. This time of year you can walk to the rim. (at Crater Lake National Park)

We had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Deb and John Kiger in Sonoma County. They are my cousins and until this weekend, we had never met them.
They own and operate Kiger Family Vineyards, the most sustainably run vineyard you’ll find.
This photo is Deb with one of their dogs, a Maremma named Francesco. Maremmas are Italian and bred for protecting livestock. Francesco and Marco protect the sheep that do weed control in the vineyard. Wonderful, people, wonderful critters. I hope we can get back soon.

Hard to believe, at some point, someone said “Yes! This is the perfect name for this ice cream vending machine.”

The stuff of bad dreams. (at Cargo Inc of Portland)

That time of year. (at Beach At Seward Park!)

Yeah so we got 10 yards of cedar wood chips delivered to our house today. For the record, that’s a lot of damn chips. We nearly died spreading them around the property. A couple of shovels, two 5 gallon buckets and wheelbarrow can do a lot if you like manual labor. And who doesn’t, amIright?

The new Stadium Place building offered an alternate version of weather reality last night heading into wet and stormy Centurylink field to see the @soundersfc lose to Columbus. Sad face.

Well that’s just perfect. In my first tweet ever, I misspelled the name of a movie.

She went right up the hill like a bike, with a bit more arm flailing.