This was our first time at Burning Beast and in this, we seemed alone.  Everyone we met had come for years and it’s easy to see why.  15 of the NW’s best chefs cook over open flames for 500 people, with proceeds benefitting Smoke Farm, a project of the Rubicon Foundation.  Burning Beast has been an annual event since 2008 and this year tickets sold out in 3 hours.  It’s organized by Tamara Murphy of Terra Plata

The food was amazing.  Here’s a bunch of photos that capture a lot of what was there…

I was told these are “balls”.

Chicken by Bin on the Lake

Duck by Adam’s Northwest Bistro and Brewery

Lamb by Skelly and the Bean

Salmon by Staple and Fancy

Meanwhile, this guy bides his time…

Bison (I think)


Meaty Cocktails by Bathtub Gin

Toffee Bacon Sea Salt Cupcakes by Trophy

 Then, of course, the beast is burned…

And with that, all beasts were consumed or became ashes.

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